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Here you will find all information in relation to the Shelly app. Please expand the sections for details.

Start making notes against your synced calendar events or other timeline entries. Click on one of your own entries and get typing.

Add labels to your entry. Labels are a great way to sort your timeline entries into categories to search and retrieve your thoughts when you need them most.

Just making a note on the run? Your notes don't need to be tied to a calendar appointment. Make an ad-hoc note to jot down your thoughts quickly.

Want more? Need help? Shelly offers a lot more, like filter by people or sharing notes. We hope that you'll find what you need on this help page. If not, you can contact our support team - we are more than happy to help!

Have used Shelly before? Please make sure you clear your web browser's cache and reload Shelly to get the latest features loaded.

Shelly is simple and intuitive to use. But if you get lost this help page will provide you with the necessary information to get you back on track.

Once you have logged into Shelly for the first time you will be greeted with a short tour introducing you to the key features of Shelly. To further guide you through the app, Shelly also shows tooltips when you hover over an icon.

Your timeline in the middle of the window is the centrepiece of Shelly. It shows entries (posts) from all of your channels, past entries if you scroll down, future entries if you scroll up. Currently available channels are calendar events, cloud storage documents and your personal notes. If this is your first visit the timeline has also has a welcome note for you.

On the bar on top of the window you will find the new note button to create a new ad-hoc note (a note not linked to a calendar event). With the view selector you can switch between card view and line view. You also can jump to any date in the timeline using the calendar. With the text search you can retrieve entries that contain your search text. in the title, description or notes. The "?" brings you to this help page and via the avatar you can select accounts, go to settings or sign out.

The left panel is your filter for the timeline, it’s all about finding what you are looking for in a fast and efficient way.

Tabbing on the icons for filter by pin, star, note provides you with a quick way of accessing those timeline entries which are most important to you.

The labels section shows you all labels for your entries so you can filter by those.

Underneath you will see the people that are known to your Shelly account. Initially those are the guests on the events that have been synced from your calendar, or people on your cloud storage documents, but as you extend Shelly the list will be populated with names from other channels. Tab on one or more people and your timeline will be filtered with just the entries those people are referenced on.

Finally you can also filter by channel. The currently available channels are calendar, documents and Shelly ad-hoc notes, but we will be adding more channels in future releases (e.g. email, messages).

Shelly unifies information from various channels like calendar, documents and more in one simple view on your timeline.

A channel either represents a connection to an external app (e.g. Outlook Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox) or a built in functionality (e.g. Shelly Notes). External apps synchronise with Shelly in real-time, so Shelly is always up to date when a new calendar event is added, or a document is updated in your cloud storage.

Your timeline will show all of your entries from different channels, like calendar events, documents or notes (more to come in the future). All entries are sorted by date and time and show title and location (if available).

You can switch between card view and line view using the view selector on the top bar (new in version V0.7).

  • In card view, Shelly shows title, time and location as well as the first 20 or so lines of your personal note for an entry. You can see all labels assigned and all people related to this entry. Use card view when you are browsing through the details of your timeline entries.
  • Line view is a much more compact view and shows all information in 1 to 3 lines (depending on device size). Title, description and notes (if any) are concatenated and shortened to match the available space. You cannot see the location in this view and it only shows the first label and person. Use line view when you want to get an overview of a larger number of your timeline entries. In line view also the size of the filter panel has been reduced to have more space available for the timeline entries.

You are always only one tab away to see all details, just tab on more to see the full note or tab on the entry to open up the detail view pop up.

From any view you can also pin and/or star the entry to give it more importance and retrieve it quickly via filter by pin and filter by star.

Tab on a timeline entry to open the detail view. Here you will find all important information for the entry available at your fingertips: date and time, title, location, description, note, labels and people related to the entry (just hover over the initials and you will see the full name or email).

Add your personal note to a timeline entry, those can be meeting notes, notes to a document or to any other type of entry (channel). More on notes further down.

You can create labels in the detail pop-up by simply tabbing on Add Label (+) and typing in a label term (hit return to confirm). The label will then be added at the bottom of the detail pop-up as well as on the timeline. If you already have created labels before, you can also simply select existing labels from the drop down. Once you return to the timeline you will be able to filter entries by tabbing one or more labels. This is tremendously helpful to retrieve all timeline entries in relation to a specific context, like a project, a customer, or a product.

Add some colour to your labels! When you are in the detail view, just tab on a label and the colour selector will come up.

Share. You can simply tab on the people shown, search your people list, or add people by entering their name and email address after tabbing on the plus symbol to share your entry and notes with. If the people you share the entry with are in Shelly they will have a new entry created for them on their timeline, if they are not in Shelly they will be getting an email with the entry you are sharing. You will see the people you have shared the entry with at the bottom of the detail view.

Delete your notes for this entry. Please note that for ad-hoc notes this will delete the entire entry so it will actually disappear from the timeline, whereas for other entries it will just clear the notes editor and the entry will remain.

You can also print and download entries from here (make sure you browser allows pop-ups for Shelly).


The attachments functionality in version V0.5 and earlier has been replaced with the Upload File capability in the editor with V0.6 (see below), all current attachments have been migrated.

Add your personal note to an existing timeline entry, or add an ad-hoc note to the timeline by clicking on New note on top of the timeline.

Shelly has a powerful notes editor which allows you to add, format and enrich your notes in an easy and intuitive way. You can add images, to do items (check boxes), hyperlinks to related information, and more.

The editor provides all functions on larger screens (tablet, laptop, desktop) and a reduced set of functionality on small devices (phone).

Editor toolbar larger screens

Here all functions of the editor in sequence as shown above (keyboard shortcuts in brackets):

  • Bold (Ctrl+B)
  • Italic (Ctrl+I)
  • Underline (Ctrl+U)
  • Strikethrough (Ctrl+S)
  • Code (Ctrl-1)
  • Monospace (Ctrl-2)
  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Font Family - Arial, Georgia, Impact, Monospace, Roboto, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Verdana
  • Font Size
  • Colors
  • Paragraph Format
  • Align Left, Center, Right, Justify
  • Ordered List
  • Unordered List
  • Decrease Indent (Ctrl+[)
  • Increase Indent (Ctrl+])
  • Quote Increase, Decrease
  • Check-box (see chapter To do items for more info)
  • Insert Image (Ctrl+P)
  • Insert Link (Ctrl+K)
  • Insert Image (Ctrl+P)
  • Insert Video
  • Upload File (replaces the attachment functionality prior to version V0.6, all attachments have been migrated)
  • Insert Table
  • Insert Horizontal Line
  • Emoticons
  • Special Characters
  • Undo (Ctrl+Z)
  • Redo (Ctrl+Shift+Z)
  • Help (Ctrl+/)

For software engineers the Shelly editor provides a couple of special functions:

  • Code (Ctrl+1). Code sets a selected paragraph to paragraph format Code which is defined as Monospace font and a frame around the paragraph.
  • Monospace (Ctrl+2). Sets the selected characters to Monospace font and adds a grey background.
Code and Monospace

There is also a quick insert icon that shows up in the editor when the cursors sits on a new line. It provides direct access to insert images, videos, links and tables as well as creating an unordered or ordered list or inserting a horizontal line.

Quick insert

Inserting links from here also shows a preview of the page, powered by embedly, which is pretty cool.

Here the reduced editor as shown on a device with a small screen, for instance a mobile phone:

Editor toolbar small screens

Your note will be auto-saved once you made a change, you will see the last time the note was saved in the upper right corner. When you exit the detail view (just click on the arrow on the top left to Save and exit) the note will be visible on your timeline.

Use Search to show only the entries on your timeline that contain the search text in the title, description or note. The search text will be highlighted with bright yellow background.

Filter your timeline by pinned entries, starred entries, entries with notes only, labels, people or channel - or all of the above.

Add check-boxes to the to do items in your notes. Unchecked items represent open to dos. Mark it checked when a to do item has been completed.

  • You can search open to do items (unchecked) by entering todo-unchecked in the Search.
  • You can search completed to do items (checked) by entering todo-checked in the Search.
  • You can search for all to do items (checked or unchecked) by entering todo- in the Search.

You can access the settings page by tabbing your avatar and selecting Settings. From here you can:

  • Add​ ​and​ ​remove​ ​accounts
  • Change Category names
  • Select and deselect​ calendars to display
  • Enable document synchronisation with Cloud storage
  • Select defaults for the timeline filters
  • Switch the introductory Shelly tour on or off
  • Download and print notes for an accounts

Select and deselect​ calendarsUse the Add Account button to add accounts and link those to your primary account (the initial account will be your primary account). This allows you to use Shelly with calendars of different Google and/or Outlook accounts simultaneously. When you add an account you will be asked to assign a Category that characterises this account (e.g. ​Work,​ ​University,​ ​Family,​ ​Golf​ ​Committee). You can change the category name later by clicking the pen icon next to the category.

Select and deselect​ calendars to display on the Shelly timeline by checking or unchecking the box next to the respective calendar. ​The​ ​primary​ calendar​ ​is​ always​ ​checked​ ​and​ ​cannot​ ​be​ ​unchecked.​

Enable document synchronisation with Cloud storage by switching on document integration with the respective toggle.

Documents toggle

Your documents will start immediately to sync to your timeline. Depending on the number of documents it may take a little while.

  • Google Drive (Google accounts only): Shelly will sync the Google Drive for the selected Google account.
  • Dropbox (for all accounts): Shelly will use the Dropbox account you are signed in. If you are not signed in with Dropbox, the system will ask you to sign in. The Dropbox account will be linked with the selected Shelly account.

A new channel will appear for every document type integrated, Google Drive and Dropbox and you can filter your timeline by those channel. Documents will be auto-labelled, representing the folder structure of their actual location. Changes to documents will automatically be synced with Shelly (adding, deleting or moving documents). You can add labels, pin and star documents as well as add and share notes.

Remove accounts if you do not need those in Shelly anymore by tabbing Remove in the account tile. Please note that you cannot remove the primary account and you cannot remove the currently active account. When an account is removed, also all notes you created and labels you added to events and notes of this account will be deleted. Therefore use the Download option to make sure you have a copy of all your notes (output in PDF format).

Set filter preferences for Labels and People according to one of the following 3 options:

  • Combine fillers with OR (timeline entries where one of the filter criteria is true)
  • Combine fillers with AND (timeline entries where all of the filter criteria are true)
  • Show AND/OR selector (you can switch between both options on the home page)

If you want to re-run the tour check Show quick tour on home page.

You also can download or print your events for the active account at any point in time using the Download or Print button on the bottom of the screen.

Leave the account settings page (click on the Shelly icon) and you are back on the timeline. By tabbing on your avatar you can now switch between your different accounts and see the respective timeline entries and notes for this account. Use the option All Accounts to see the entries and notes for all of your linked accounts.

If you want to re-run the tour check Show quick tour on home page.

Tab on Sign out from the drop-down of your avatar to sign out from Shelly.

Auto-start Shelly on your Laptop

Add a link to Shelly to your Windows Start-up folder and Shelly is there for you whenever you get your computer started.

1. Bring up Shelly in your web browser (

2. Create a shortcut to Shelly on your desktop (in Chrome go to More Tools / Add to Desktop, enter "Shelly", tick Open As Window, and click on Add)

3. Copy the shortcut into your Windows Start-up folder (locate it by opening the Run program via your Windows search and enter "shell:programs"; this will open Explorer and you will see the Start-up folder on the next level down - this is where you want to go and copy the shortcut to)

4. From now on when you start your computer, Shelly will be started, too.

Use Shelly on your mobile phone and other devices

Just add shortcuts to all of your devices and you have quick access to Shelly wherever you are,

Take handwritten notes

One of the coolest features of Shelly is that it supports handwritten notes when you are on a touchscreen device. So in a meeting your colleagues can actually see that you are taking notes rather than surfing the web...

On a Windows laptop or tablet this feature is built into Windows 10’s touch keyboard. To open it, tap the touch keyboard icon next to the clock on your taskbar and you are ready to go. It works really well with a pen, but you can even use a finger.

By the way - Apple and Android devices have the same capabilities. So you can take handwritten notes on any touch device.

I wanted to check out the new Shelly enhancements and user interface (UI), but I don't see any change...

Please make sure you clear your web browser's cache to get the new features loaded. Then refresh your page and sign in.

Can I use the Shelly beta with multiple accounts?

Yes, the Account Management capabilities allow to link multiple accounts and access Shelly for all accounts with just one login.

How frequently does Shelly update events from Google or Outlook?

The Google and Microsoft APIs push changes to events in calendars to Shelly in real-time, Shelly is always up to date.

Shelly supports login and calendar sync with Google as well as Outlook personal, work and school accounts. It is currently available as a web app which runs on mobile phones, tablets and PCs with any screen size, thanks to it's responsive design. Shelly is also available as a PWA (Progressive Web App) for Android devices.

10 August 2018 (V0.7)

  • Timeline can now be viewed in either card view or line view (new).
  • New Channel filter which allows to filter by calendar entries an/or ad-hoc notes.
  • Mobile header and footer has been redesigned to be in line with the desktop version.

4 June 2018 (V0.6)

  • Ability to add to do items to notes
  • Search and filter for to do items
  • Sharing notes with Shelly users now also sends email in addition to creating a shared note

15 May 2018 (V0.5)

  • Quick tour
  • Tooltips
  • New notes editor with full support for mobile devices, more formatting options, embedded images, and much more.
  • User interface enhancements for mobile and desktop

3 March 2018 (V0.4)

As an existing user please clear your cache to take advantage of the new functionality.

  • Date selector for timeline
  • Pin timeline entries
  • Star timeline entries
  • Ability to set date for ad-hoc notes
  • Add images and other attachments to notes
  • Colors for labels
  • Auto-completion of labels
  • Search now also for parts of words
  • Filter timeline to only see posts with notes
  • Filter timeline by pinned or starred entries
  • Filter timeline by people
  • Filter timeline by multiple criteria concatenated with AND or OR
  • Print single note or notes within a time range
  • Share notes with Shelly users and other people
  • User interface enhancements for mobile and desktop

30 January 2018 (V0.3)

  • Ability to link multiple accounts (Google or Microsoft) to one primary Shelly account
  • Categories for linked accounts (like Private, Work, Uni, etc.)
  • Select and deselect calendars to show in Shelly
  • Download for single note or all notes

7 January 2018 (V0.2)

  • Support of Microsoft Outlook accounts and calendar
  • Show location of an event or note
  • New notes editor with additional formatting options, spell-checker, ability to embed images, and more

18 September 2017 (V0.1.4)

  • Labels for events and notes
  • Enhanced notes editor and auto-save
  • Deletion of notes
  • Design face-lift

18 May 2017 (V0.1)

  • Login with Google
  • Timeline with Google Calendar events synchronised
  • Event editor for notes
  • Text search in timeline

Contact Us

Whether you have questions, or you like to provide feedback, or you encounter any problems with Shelly products and services, we are here to help. Send us a quick email to and we will take care of it.

As a beta user of Shelly you are also invited to join the Shelly Beta Community Facebook group. We've great new features in the pipeline and would like to get your input on those. Join the beta community today to be the first to find out what's next, and to have your say as a valued early adopter.